Thursday, December 15, 2011

Patiently, unpatiently waiting

Jared has pulled every sting he could to surprise me with Dita Von Teese perfume line that is only in Germany and he can't get it. Totally heart broken. Dita, why are you doing this to me!!!!??? Along with her lingerie line and her beauty book that is still not avaliable. 

Dita HURRY!!! 

I've been waiting for almost a year since you announced it and its breaking my heart!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So I found myself bored yesterday and made a trip to the local dress shop. Nervous about going in alone and being bombarded with sales people and than hearing the wrath of loved ones for stepping foot in a store without them.....

I did it anyways. Sorry I never listen.

It soon turned into finding the worse dresses in there. As temping as it was to try on all the hideous dresses for all you, I soon throw that thought out thinking about all the layers of clothing I had to take off and put back on. Personally every single dress in there was horrible but these babies where sticking out... I can't believe some people looked at these. :/ I didn't even have to pull these out they were already sticking out on the rack.
                                    Oh how I'm tempted to do this

Tattoo Ettiquette

1. Don’t touch anyone without their consent.
Don’t grab my arm in a store, sweep my hair behind my ear while we’re standing in line, touch my leg, etc... I don’t care that you’re just trying to “get a better look.” I don’t know you and you’re touching my body.

2. Do not lift up someone’s clothing!
I dont know how many times my clothing has been lifted up! My shirts have been yanked down, up and moved all around. Not only does it make you want to karate chop you but it makes me nervous as well.

3. They don’t all have a story.
Most of them do -- but a lot of them are personal or private. (even though alot of them I dont want to explain I do anyways...and they never know what I'm talking about) I usually start off now saying "Do you know who Tool is" "No" "Ok, never mind you wouldn't understand"

4.Don’t make a snide comment or insist that I defend them to you.
I’m not going to walk around telling everyone that they should have tattoos in fact I'd rather not see alot of people with there poorly placed, random tattoo they got when they were drunk.  It doesn’t bother me that you don’t have tattoos, I don’t see why it should severely offend you that I do.

5. Don’t feel bad for my parents.
“Oh what do your parents say?” or “Oh your poor parents!”
My parents do not feel bad. Most likely I am probably more successful and happy then your child. Feel sorry for the parents with the drug addicted adult child who lives in there home still.

6. Please don’t show me yours.
Drunk dudes seem to sincerely believe that girls with tattoos are going to jump their bones the second we see the faded, scratched, tequila worm or Tasmanian devil they got when they were drunk in college. I don’t so much enjoy seeing a dude I barely know start to disrobe in the middle of a bar because he wants to show me something. (This seriously happens All. The. Time).

7. Don’t point at me.

10. Do feel free to ask me where I got them done.
On that note- Pj Art With A Pulse   -->
  • 1 410.766.4255Mobile

  • 147 Delaware Ave
  • Glen Burnie, MD 21061


Sunday, December 11, 2011


old_lady_uggs2Ugh..........Uggs make me cringe

I know so many of you LOVE your Uggs but I just can't get down with making your feet look bigger than they already are. Personally I feel like they make them look like double wide trailers

Keep the Uggs for house slippers unless your this amazing cute women in this picture! She so freakin' cute!

Will you, stand by me?

After then engagement of Jared and I, I knew I needed to get going with 2012 wedding date. With less than 10 months to go first step was choosing who will stand by my side as I commit to a life...sentence ;) with Jared. 
          Angel- Matron of Honor
Angel, you are the women I want to become. You are smart, talented, loving,  beautiful and just all around amazing. From mother, sister, friend, wife, you are my idol. You are such a strong women. I could pick no other person to stand by me.
Melinda- Bridesmaid 

Melinda I have never met a stronger girl than you. You are the apple of my eye. You have touched us all in so many ways. From the lessons we learn from you to your sweet smile and loving hugs. You my dear are one inspirational girl.
Tanya- Bridesmaid
Tanya, you have pushed me past my fear of allowing a girl to, while even get remotely close to me. You have been such an amazing friend to not only me but Jared. Jared loves you so much. To have a friend like you for 10+ years is an amazing gift. Your laughter lights up the room and your smile brightens our days. Tanya, you aren't  going anywhere girlfriend. Jared and I are keeping you around for a long time.

Now on to the super cool (sappy) way I asked them
*sorry if you had any spots on your card, I cried while doing them ;) *

What I started with ---->

What I ended with after super imposing our super PRETTY heads on the best movie cast ever. 
God, I love that movie.
Pixlr you my friend are my best friend hehehe 

On the back of each card before I mailed them was lyrics to 
Ben E. King -Stand By Me
After much anticipation of the arrival of the cards to some of the most amazing people I know they finally got it! This bad boy is just one of the amazing ways they all said yes! 

Now for your listening pleasure


Monday, December 5, 2011

We've got a different kind of love

 Oh hey guys! So something pretty sweet happened in the most surprising best way ever.

Jared asked me to marry him around 5pm Sunday, December 4, 2011!

Some how unknowingly about what was going to happen later on that day I had taken pictures through out the whole day..........literately ---->

So after we roll out of bed our plans are to go to the mall. On route there we go through our little town and last minute I change plans on him and asked to walk through the antique store.

We travel in and out of our favorite stores

Hahhahaa I REALLY wanted him to put this baby on..........Ahhh $56 of sexy green foil hahhahhaha

Soon after this we hit my VERY favorite store.....Ahhhhhhhhh how I love thee...

Without fail I have to go into this antique store and look for my very favorite ring. After 20 mintues of eyeing over every ring I think Jared was going into cold sweats because he spent Saturday afternoon in there with the store owner picking out a ring. Oh how that women could of blown it right there and then

No wonder Jared did everything he could to get me out of there hehehehe
Next stop, Trolley Stop!!!

<-------waiting for the best damn food in Ellicott City

And then it starts....... He starts pushing, hard, on putting in The Nightmare Before Christmas when we get home and convinced me we HAD to go straight home....The damn thing must of been burning a whole in his pocket.

And it turely was this was all supposed to happen on New Years  with all our friends and he made it less than 24 hours

Getting home he pops it straight in and waits till the "whats this song" a second to late (I'm guessing from nerves) he stands up and gets on one knee in front of me.

Bursting into tears I then kick him, cry some more, cry again, ask him if this is a joke ( more than ten times) till he says will you just say YES!.....Then my nerves really kick in. Crying  uncontrollably I say "I dont even know what hand it goes on" ( Over and over and over again) He says the left and of course I question this hahhahaha Are you sure its the right hand!? Oh how my brain doesn't work some times

What girl doesn't know what hand it goes on!? hahaha

          Seconds after ------------->
Ok more like minutes because I couldn't stop crying
 Or jumping on him hhahahah

It took forever for me to look at my hand. It was probably 45 mins later and in the car to our parents house when I finally looked at it. Still nervous to look I glance at it like its going to bite. Again....sometimes...all the time..I'm really weird haha

 Headed to the bathroom for better light

(Man I wish I did my hair yesterday)
The ring
It is more then perfect
It's different, its us, it unique 
did I tell you it came from my favorite antique store
Yes, it was the ring Ive been eyeing for months now in the window

I'm not a diamond kind of girl, I'm not a expencive type of girl
I'm a girl that loves love and loves thoughtfullness
   This ring has more love in it than a million dollar ring

    Jared Hintze you are the love of my life
                              and I don't want to live one second without you.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whore Lips

No, no, it's not that kinda of blog I promise but it's really called Whore Lips....

Women "on the stroll" have used this trick for ages, instead of purchasing lipstick they would just use lipliner all over.
It's cheaper, lasts longer and very portable.

So yesterday that's what I did. No, I didn't go whoring around...I just couldn't find my Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick I adore so much and instead I just filled my lips with the lip liner that's the same color. 

Not only did it not bleed, it stayed on all day, through drinking as well and it didn't come off on anything.

I personally like matte lipsticks better but if you like a glossier ones you can either put chap stick over or under the lip liner or gloss over it

                                         The lip liner line I usually use
                                             and for $2-$3 its a steal