Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can we turn back?

The above photo, taken in 1919, is titled:
“Miss DuBois Ferguson, who has been judged physically perfect.”
Would she be considered “perfect” by today’s beauty standards?

Which brings me to my next photo.....
Where did we go wrong!?

 Women were so stunning. They took care of themselves
Every shape and size was loved
You didn't need to be 100 lbs with DD's  and 6 feet tall

Did you know:
Marilyn Monroe
5 feet 5 inches
140 pounds
 Her clothing size would go between a
size 12 and 14
That would make her plus size in 2011

 And this
I'm so tired of seeing this! Where ever I go I see women sloppily dressed with "sexy" and "juicy" written on their ass.
Newsssss flashhhhh this, THIS, is NOT sexy
Take some pride in yourself girls, women, people!
Stop being sloppy, stop being trashy
and keep all those at home if you find it necessary to dress like this

 See, these women are dressed down and comfortable. Throw on a cute t-shirt, jeans and pretty flats. 
So women, start loving your body the way it is 
when you go out take pride in yourself. 
We're all beautiful in our own ways but your beauty isn't accentuate by wearing sexy on your booty or letting every body part hang out

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