Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Neon Shoes

 Want hot for Spring? NEON!!!! Heres a DIY project you can do in minutes to spruce up your old heels.

Grab any color shoe
Spray Paint ( Any color)
(For a better wear get a top coat too & a brighter color do a white base)
Packing Tape
Old Towel

Make sure your shoes is clean and dry first

Tape off where you want the color
If you're creative do designs
(Make sure lines are even and straight)

 Us a towel to keep spray from getting on the inside of your shoes or on the ground

You can also use a bag and tape for larger areas
You will need to do about 2-3 coats where you want the color.
If you want the color to really stay and pop
Spray 2 coats of white
Spray color 2-3 of what you want
Then spray top coat
Let dry

Enjoy :)

 Some ideas you can try out with your shoes ----------------->

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