Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elf Essentail LipStick

I ordered Elf Essential Lipstick for the first time last week. For $1 I figured it was worth a try and it probably wouldn't work well. WAS I WRONG! With a little lip liner the lipstick didn't go anywhere for over 8 hours. I did drink and of course lots of talking and a little eating. Very little came off. It was a easily wiped off at the end of the day with a little water. There was no waxy build up and kept my lips moisturised without being shiny. If you are looking for an extreme shine putting a lip gloss over that will help. Although these are not matte lipsticks they are not overly glossy.
For the use of any lipstick using a lip liner before hand is best. My favorite liner is NYX which is only about $2-$3 depending on where you buy it. Elf lipstick in Posh------->

Elf Lipstick- Seductive  ----->
                     Elf Lipgloss ---->

Two beautiful colors they just didn't look great on myself. I did end of giving them to my mother who looked wonderful in the pinky color!

Wanna try the lipgloss for free?
After your order  put 3 email addresses in (real of fake, they will except it) and get the "free gift" which is usually the Lipgloss!

In my personal opinion I like using NYX and ELF better than MAC. For a while all I would use is MAC lipstick and it just would get all clumpy on me no matter what.  I'd put it on and it would "clump" up and after wearing it, it would clump more. This is a great alternative and for just a $1 why not try it yourself!? Again for the best wear I would get a lipliner with it. I have not tried ELFs lip liner yet but my favorite is NYX

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