Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm crafty, but not that crafty.

I ran across this heart warming story of a blushing bride proud to show her love for her fiance' and her county and just had to share.
I know I've been gone forever and a day and I thought this would  be a good story to come back to blogging too.
Meet Mr. & Mrs. Ferrie <3
A nurse from World War 2
and her loving AirMan
 Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn feast your eyes on this pretty little thing.

 Rosemary made her wedding gown from the parachute her fiance' used to jump out of B-24 Bomber during the war........Ahhhh my heart melts. 

What a beautiful bride <3
If I came across that beauty I think I would cry

Hmmmmmm Jared can I have one of your old paint suits? hahahhaha

I really wish I could of met this women or other women who did this. I find this extremely romantic, patriotic, and! I really love reusing things too!

Now....How can we get these type of women back?
Girls, your dress doesn't have to cost a arm and a leg. Make something that means something to you. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tokyo milk

For Christmas my client gave me a beautiful bag of new beauty product that Ive never heard of before. You can imagine my excitement when I opened up these beauties. Skull, glitter, yummy smelling EVERYTHING! What girl wouldn't want that!?

Tokyo Milk <---Check out the site

So here's a break down of the goodies -

Dead Sexy No.6 candle- $12.00
Honey & the moon No.10 -$12.00
Dead Sexy No.6  Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion-$18.00
Eiffel Tower No.15 Bubble bath (can double as body wash) -$22.00
Sweet cream lip balm- $10.00
Sencha Bleu Parfum solide -$18.00

One of my favorite is this little baby 
Sweet cream Lip balm is like putting cake on your lips in the form of creamy butter..............Oh its heaven
Each product is beautifully package in stunning boxes decorated in vintage and glitter
<----- I really wish the glittery boxes showed up in the picture.
From the product to the packages every penny is well worth it. The Lotion is to die for. The candles are probably my favorite candles I have EVER lite up (and I have ALOT of candles). The bubble bath is so fresh and clean....oh the lip, the lip balm is SILK and the perfume is AMAZING!!! I didn't know how I would feel about solid perfume but it is the BEST. You put it on your ear, wrist, chest, etc and it keeps on smelling all day.  Perfume also comes with little glittery books like perfume swatches. So you can smell all the different ones if you are buying online.

Tokyo Milk- I love thee.

Not sure if you want to buy this product online yet? My WONDERFUL fiance' found it in one of our favorite antique store in our town. So if you're free one weekend come on down to Ellicott City to Vintage Bliss. It's right on Main Street on the right hand side in a painted in a beautiful vintage blue. They carry 99.9% of all the products so you will be able to smell and try every one

WindowVintage Bliss          <----Heres the link to the store
So stop on by to Tokyo Milk or Vintage Bliss to try out these amazing products

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Work in progress

Ahhhhhhhhh my studs came in! My studs came in!!!! 
After taking apart of my favorite studded belt that I've had since I was 13 (which I wore every damn day) I ran out and got this far -----------> 
That is about 170 studs. Now with 1000 more that came in the mail I'm ready to start punching again. After I am finished I'll have a how to post if you would like to do this to your clothing :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding dress fun

Ohhhhhhhhh the beauty of finding "the" one and being terrified to well "say yes to the dress"

The search was on right after Christmas for the magical dress that will light up Jared's eyes as I become his wife.
Let me just tell you this was the most gut wrenching thing to do. I just wanted the perfect dress...........Did I tell you I HATE...hate with a PASSION wedding dresses? Yeah, this was going to be hard. So I did the whole "look at me I'm a princess" wedding dresses....but really we all wanted a good laugh ---------> Yeah we laughed pretty hard

Ahhh the princess puffy tulle mess...yeah...we tried to find the worst one.


Dress, after dress, after dress I tried on looked beautiful (What can I say curvys do the dresses good) bhahahahahhaha ;)

BUT they just didn't look like me. Yes the lace dress was beautiful, the mermaid, the trumpet, the belted, the de da all beautiful but non made me smile like "THE ONE" The last store we went to I really didn't want to go to because I had kinda just given up..........THEN, THENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we walk in all the way in the back a stunning new Spring 2012 dress just made the rack..or mannequin and my god, it was made for me.  Every single part fit like it was tailored just for my body.
Might I add EVERY other dress no matter what the size, it could be a 16 and it still didn't fit me somewhere. Damn you boobies, damn you.

Once I got that baby on.....I didn't want to get out of it. <3
One hour later standing in the same dress I finally took it off and without knowing it my heart was set on that

Yesterday I went dress shopping more to only compare EVERY SINGLE DRESS to THE ONE..

Running home I called a dress shop that carried it in the city (not the one I tried it on at, they were bitches and I totally didn't want to give them my money)
Which totally worked out for me. The place I tried it on at was $300 and the place I bought it at was $178. I totalllyyyyyyy scored. The other place totally jacked those prices up.

So happier then ever I walked away with the dress that was made for me in every way. It looked like me, it fit for me, and it was everything I wanted.

I said "Yes, to the dress"

Just a little Eye Candy Porn I found at a local Antique shop. Poorly made, and I mean POORLY but what a beauty

(Slaps self on wrist)

Wow! I've been gone so long :*( So sorry my beautiful readers!!! Please don't hate me to much. I've just been so busy.


Happy New Years to ALL my wonderful, beautiful readers!

I'm going to leave you hanging for another day but I'll be coming back with
DIY Brooch Bouquet! Lots of fun wedding things happening. Stay tuned.