Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Hair

Blog request- I need some easy to do hair styles that are classy for holiday party's. I need like a step by step. I'm horrible at hair. Thanks!

0412-headband-ponytail_bd.jpgThere is nothing more chic then a ponytail and to make it more festive add a headband
portobello-vintage-bridal-accessories-sparkly-headbands-bridal-clutchForever 21 headband are the cutest and for under $5. They have so many at your local store!
See how pretty headbands are ---->

NOW! Step by step to achieve this chic look

Remember: For a chic party look pick between a lower ponytail or a mid pony. Don't set the ponytail on top of your head it looks a little too ...hmmm I have alot of words for it but I'll just say trashy.

  • You can start off with how your hair is naturally. If your hair is wavy have a chic wavy ponytail 
Or have a super slicked back one like this --->

  •   Brush your hair back into a low ponytail or mid ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. 
  • Wrap a piece of your hair from the ponytail around the elastic to cover it and insert a bobby pin to keep the hair in place.
  •   To finish, spray the hair with hairspray to tame the fly aways
  • Then add your headband if you want 

The Cute Bun 

  • Start with a higher ponytail
  •  You can either have a part like the picture to the left or pull it all back
  • Break the ponytail into 4 to 5 sections
  • take one sections at a time and wrap around the rubber band. ( You will want to across/over/ under...etc for a more interesting bun and it will look less ballerina) Secure with bobby pins
  • Pull little pieces of hair around your face if you wish
  • You can also leave your side bangs out if you have any.

  •       If you have blunt bangs this will look even prettier!

The messy side bun

  • Start with a LOWWWWWW, LOOSE (do not pull tight PLEASE), side ponytail
  • Pin pieces of your hair messily into a bun. 
  • You can either LOOSELY curl the pieces that fall out, leave them somewhat straight or pin them all up. 
  • Pull pieces out around your face if you wish and finish with a flower, headband or nothing if you wish. 

Hair Accessory Tip: You don't need to buy an expensive hair accessory for the holidays, make your own!
Go to your local craft store, my favorite is Michael's Craft Store, and go look for something that goes with your outfit!
I've bought peacock feathers and pined them in my hair
Necklace pendents, flowers and those beautiful glittery bouquet sticks and things you put with your flowers
(As long as they are flexible you can wrap it around and through your bun or updo you just did)
When working with things with long stems cut but leave a couple of inches at the end so you have something to push into your hair and pin
<----Like this
Those are just from a necklace!

Mason Pearson brush

The loose wavys 
  • Take a large curling iron and curl everything away from your face
  • Curl whole head
  • Brush out....Yes take a brush to it to shape the curl.
  • Take a couple of curls and with a brush like this   ----> Carefully brush curls
  • Spray with a little hair spray and if you have it take some shine gloss and smooth into hair

Feeling Gusty? 
If you have hot rollers, throw them in your hair while your getting ready!
Roll your hair under with large hot rollers
Wait about a hour just to be safe
Take out and brush to shape and Wa La!!!

                                                     To this! :)

If there is a certain holiday look you are looking to try on your own or need a better step by step instructions send me a message or comment below! I'd love to help you more :)

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