Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teasing crazy

I want big hair, like Dolly Parton/Fran Fine hair. I just cant seem to figure out how to get it. I've tried teasing it-just looks nappy and not big, and I've tried the round brush with a blow dryer-ended up with a brush stuck in my hair -__- Any ideas on how to get the full "Big" hair look?
I get it every time you try to do your hair it turns into some crazy mess. Alot of people say that.  So you're not alone
Let me guess every time you tease it turns out like this
Not this -->

 Well before we start most styles you envy on the red carpet, movies, ads, etc are all fake......yes, fake :( I knoowwww its so disappointing but not everyone is blessed with amazing hair, actually hardly anyone.

Most have hair extensions, wigs, or pieces of "things" put in there hair to add volume.
For example in the 50's women would save their hair, put it into a stocking, tie it up and place it to fill their hair. Today we have the "bump it".

Updo's and big volume hair has been filled with everything from foam rollers to newspaper.

This beauty added hair into her volume

<----------- and Ms. Dolly wears wigs.......Yes wigsssss!!! Her hair is pretty thin underneath all that.

Ok now to get the most out of YOUR hair without adding all this extra stuff

1- Have a game plan. Do you want volume all over? Or just in the crown?

2- Style your hair and make sure it isn't hot anymore.  (Teasing your hair while hot will tangle it up so bad it will break)

3-Get your tools out. Hairspray, a nice med-firm hold will be good. Don't get too strong of one it will just be a mess. Grab your comb.  My favorite is the "updo brush" The updo brush -------->
teases then smooths afterward. Biggest thing to remember- IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. You will have little fly away. Look back up at Drews hair, not perfect. Pictures are photoshoped and in updo books hair is CUT off. CUT!!! They actually cut the little hairs off the models hair to make it look smoother. Ohhhhhhhh the liesssss (It defiantly makes my job harder with all these lies and people thinking these things are realistic) 
(if you dont have a brush like that a comb will do just fine

4-Pick up section you want to tease, spray
5-Pick of section of hair you sprayed and start teasing. You dont want to tease the very front of your hair. Leave it out. Later you will lay it over your teased part.
Go from middle of the section down with your comb
TIP- The faster you go the WORSE it gets. 
You don't have to go crazy. Going slow works best with medium pressure. Teasing shouldn't hurt.

6-Spray again. Lay section out of way (usually laying forward is best to get out of way)

7- repeat all sections you want to tease
8- Once you tease it all spray again and lay the hair in the direction you want it to go
9-Smooth hair. DONT BRUSH. Lightly take comb and smooth hair

10- Spray

You should have volume without a mess :)

The updo brush I use EVERY day....EVERY day and I used it on you last time you came in Symantha lol

I got the brush at the beauty store for about $3-$4. 
I'm sure if you go to Sallys you can find one just like it!

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