Friday, September 30, 2011

We're going to the chapel and we're goinggg to get marrieeddd

 My most recent beautiful bride, Linda, from September 29, 2011

From hair to buttoning a MILLION buttons, check out the journey to marrying her man of her dreams.

( please forgive my photos, all I had was my Iphone in my hand and I wanted her to at least have some pictures of herself getting ready)
 The hair 
(Hehe By ME :) )

The cascating curls in all it's glory

 How many people does it take to button up a wedding dress? 4! Man those were HARD

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tired of Black

Symantha said...
I was wanting something different with my hair..lighter, but since my hair is black now I wasnt really sure what could be possible. I also dont really even know what I want, any suggestions?

Get a full highlight! It will break up the black and give a lighter appearance. Since it wasn't long ago you may only be able to get to a caramel color and then the next a blonde.

This will be the best way to keep your hair healthy too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heheehehe Just a midnight post of nonsense.

There has been OH so many times I've wanted to say this. o.0

Silver Lining

How to get this look ------------------------------->

<-----------------The Palette
 From Sephora

Engagement Ring 01 (eyeshadow)
(silver with silver glitter)
Iteam #1171883 L

02 Silver (glitter eyeliner)
Item # 1123926 
S & M (eyeshadow)
(bright metallic silver shimmer)
Item # 1105295
  1.  Take Ivory eyeshadow and use as your base from eyelid to brow
  2. Cover eyelid with S&M eyeshadow and smoke out a little over crease 
  3. Smudge a little under lower lashes in the outer corner
  4. Then go over lid with engagement ring
  5. take Silver eyeliner and line under bottom lashes
  6. Then follow with what you normally do with your eye liner 
From Target
NYC sky rise masacra in black
NYC liquid eyeliner
From ELF
Elf eyeshadow in  Ivory
Elf colorstick
Elf Blush in Fuchsia (has a little glitter)--------------------------------------->
Elf Pressed Powder
mirabella outshine lip gloss in ethereal


My new obsession. Curling wand!
I've seen that it was all the rage but I wasn't convinced on spending 100+ on one so I get on my favorite site and started looking at curling wand videos. Low and behold Remintons Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand reviews kept on popping up.
I then found one at Target for only $20 so I thought I'd give it a try. It it didn't work at least I'm only out $20....BUT I LOVE IT!
Ive been addicted to curling every clients hair. It's fast, easy, and gives the "beachy" natural curl everyone wants. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Come on over to the......light side?

 How I spent my Friday Morning....

I get the most wonderful text from my very wonderful friend, Ashley, Thursday morning asking to go from one extreme to the other

Last time she got her hair done she wanted to be mainly black and with a big blonde chunk in the front------------------->
........this time blonde and light brown. I knew I had some work ahead of me in just 24 hours. 

Walking into the salon I send her straight back to the shampoo bowl. I knew I had to get this dark out as hard as it was going to be.
30 minutes later I was making some progress getting the black out
Soon I was on my way to blow drying her and then being able to start her coloring.

A full head of foils and a beautiful light golden brown later she was all cooked and ready to rinse out

What was left? 

REALLY blonde hair and golden blonde, neither did I want.
Two toners later one to cut the gold and another to make her into a natural blonde she was...BLONDE.
Ahhh only 4 hours later and a couple of processes my work was done......till next time ;)
Ashley say she likes to test my skills every time she comes in.
AND that she does

----------------Hehehe just walking out of the salon blonde and curled------------>

Hmm I wonder if blondes reallllyy do have more fun?

Falling Flat?

Sarah said... 
What are your thoughts on Clip-in extensions for the big day? As you know, my hair is kind of thin and I would like some more fullness. 

Clip in extensions are fabulous!  When it matches your color and styled correctly it can give you just the look you're looking for.

But before you shell out the big bucks make sure your style for the big day really needs extensions.

With the right products and styling you may be able to add the volume you desire.

My new love
Rock your hair
Bombshell Volume Powder.
(The little bottle in the middle)

 All you do is sprinkle a little on dry hair at the scalp and massage in a little
Teasing can help you as well where ever you are lacking volume

All you need to do is

  1. Take section you want with more volume 
  2. Leave out a small section so you can lay over the teased part to make it look smooth
  3. Hold remaining amount and with a teasing comb brush down slowly 
  4. Spray with a little hairspray 
  5. Lay the non teased section over and style the rest of your hair however you want.

Final thoughts.

Try everything before you spend $100+ on flowing locks and try to commit to a hair style for your big day. I'd also wait till you got your hair piece, veil, flower, etc before trying out a bunch of hair styles.

Don't forget your lipstick

 Choosing the perfect RED lip

Ahhhhh the perfect red lip. 
Anyone can wear it all you need is a little confidence and the right shade

Choosing the right shade

Light Skin
Cool blue base reds
like Revival by Maybelline                      ------------------->

Dark Skin
A red with a touch of brown to highlight the warm hints of caramel in your skin
<------------------------like Crimson by Revlon

Medium Skin
Go for an orangey shade like
Hot Covergirl                        ----------->

 Ran out of lip lines or don't have the right shade? 

Keep lipstick from bleeding pat a little concealer around your lips

Other tips!
  • A thin layer of Chap Stick can help your lipstick to last longer
  • To keep lipstick off teeth, pucker your lips into an extreme O shape. Cover your finger with a tissue and pole it into your O shaped mouth and slowly twist it out of your mouth. This will help you eliminate any excess color inside your lips.  -----heheehe ---->
  • You should blot lips after applying lipstick, it will help set the color and remove excess of it. You can add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder and then apply color again.
  • A thin layer of clear lip-gloss over lipstick can help you turn up the shine of your lips.
  • You can turn down too much shine by holding a single tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it.
  • You can lessen the color of a dark or bright lipstick or lip pencil by applying an overcoat of lip-gloss.
  • To keep your lips going all the day, first pencil all over lips with a soft lip pencil then apply lipstick over it and blot.
  • To keep lipstick in place while dining keep lips off the utensils. Let your lower teeth and tongue to do the work.
  • To get that high voltage shine and color on your lips you can try a lip lacquer either over the lipstick or alone.
  • To have that evening special effects you can apply a sheer lip-gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color.
  • Use moisturizer throughout the day or at night.

My personal favorite shades

<--------------Black Cherry by Revlon

<--------Ruby Woo by MAC---------