Monday, October 31, 2011

Broken Doll

 So this year I have been sick all Halloween weekend so I didn't do anything big but I still wanted to dress up.
So what did I do?

Start off with putting foundation all over your face thats TWO shades lighter then your skin tone and white out your lips
 Then take WHITE PENCIL EYELINER and line your whole eye and all under your eye like this
<-------- Then go over with WHITE EYESHADOW so its more intense

Line with black
 eyeliner and add eyelashes with the liquid liner

 Fill in eyebrows
Smoke shades of purple and pink on crease
Add blush to apples of cheeks
Add freckles if you wish with eye pencil

Then add a strip of eye lashes on the line you made under your eye

Take two lash strips and place on one eye at your natural lash line
If you have more please add
You want your lashes to look VERY full

 Then with liquid liner make cracks all over your face

Set with black eye shadow to look more realistic

 Then take red or pink lip liner and line your lips like below.

Without lips -------------->

With lips --->

 You can either curl your hair
 Or leave it up in a loose bun

Wear LOTS of lace and ruffled socks to finish the look

I also added grey contacts to give a more haunting look other then my dark brown eyes

Prefect Present

Thank you Angel Kidwell Photography. It's PERFECT!

I think it's time YOU get a to do a photo shoot so you can have a beautiful picture like this in your living room

Hey, if you ask nicely I'd even do your hair and make up ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampires don't sparkle silly...

Ohhhhhhhhh the Vampire. 
Such a sexy dark character.  

Since most women want to be sexy on Halloween I'll do the sexy vampire even though I am totally against the sexy Halloween costume and would rather see scarier things. 

Welllll lets get to it

You will need
  • Face powder and  foundation that is at least 2 shades lighter then your complexion ( if you don't want to buy both just get powder)
  • Black lipstick
  • Deep Red Lipstick
  • Black liner
  • Mascara 
  • Blush
  • Eye shadows ( preferably dark purples, reds, black and white)

  • Start off with your foundation all over your face. Please do lighter then your skin color
  • Set your foundation with powder or white eyeshadow (matte) 
  • Make a "fishy face" and put blush in the crease like this in the outlined area -->
  • Put white eyeshadow all over your lid to eyebrow as base
  • Put black eyeshadow all over your eye lid and under your eye
  • Then blend red or (my personal favorite) purple on the crease of your eye and under like this------->
  • Line your last line and water line with black liner like shown below

  • Put mascara on eyes and then eyelashes if you wish for extra effect
  • If your eyebrows are light enough you can "blank" out your eyebrow with foundation and powder but it is difficult for the average person to do 
  • You can also fill in your eyebrows with black eyeshadow and an angled brush
  • Line lips with black eyeliner pencil 
  • take your dark red and fill in your whole lip
  • then place black lipstick from the Halloween store over the red. It will then look like this
-I love this so much I do it every year---------->
You can also just do black
The red will come through the inner part of your lips because the black is always cheaply made and will stay around your lip line. I really like the effect because it gives a blood stained look

Add Vampire Fangs for even more effect

You can get them at your local Halloween store

Spirit Halloween

  You can also put lighter color contacts in your eyes for a haunting look with your dark eye make up

<------- this is a recent picture of myself with my natural eye color

And below is with contacts that are just colored contacts for Halloween

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh so sad........


Question- Have any good tips for teasing hair into a fro? I have a good friend in NC desperately trying to get it to poof out.

To get a true beautiful afro you need to have THICK kinky hair but you can still get the effect with a little work

You can do this two different ways
You can take your damp hair and wrap around a straw or bobby pins
After it as dried take them out and you will have tight curls and I mean TIGHT
To get the freezy fro look take ONE curl and place two fingers at the end of your hair push up toward scalp (repeat on every curl)
  <---this is may favorite (it teases and smooths hair)
Then take a teasing comb or any fine tooth comb you may have and start to tease your hair ( remember when teasing you do not need to tease fast. You can slowly push the hair down. If your hair doesn't tease well spray a little hairspray on the piece you are teasing before hand and then again after)

Take the smallest curling iron you have and curl your hair. Take smaller pieces then normal so you have more curls. 
Then tease and spray with hairspray
(when curling your hair pull your hair straight out and try to curl as close to your scalp as you can )

Ahhhhh the smell of new shoes.

Oh shoes. If you know me, you know my shoes.
Why my obsession? Shoes never disappoint. They always look good and unless you've gained 100lb or 9 months pregnant they always fit. I can run into a store and know the shoes will will make me happy. Finding pants or a bra? Not so much.

Recently my FAVORITE site to get shoes from is GoJane.

So check out my three most recent buys from there!

And remember look for discount codes online before you buy! I googled a gojane code and got 30% off my order!
That payed for shipping plus a little more

I stumbled upon GoJane a couple of months ago when I fell in love with Jeffery Campbell shoes but not the price tag.
At GoJane they had knock off Jeffery Campbells that were spot on. I've got to say they are my favorite pair of shoes I own and I've got A LOT of heels

Oh I will own all these babies

Link to Lace Up Leatherette Platform

 At 5 inches
these babies are perfect and SO comfortable! Trust me! I'm a hairstylist and sometimes I'll be on my feet in these for 8 hours straight (still feeling great)

 Link to Plum and Taupe Lace Up Booties

 4.5 inches suede lace up booties were my most recent buy
They just came in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to wear them today

I just fell in love with the Plum color. As much as I love Black, Plum seems to be my new color for fall.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dun dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! They're here! They're hereeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
In all its glory!
I was so excited when I got the call from my sister saying she needed us to run around Baltimore taking pictures of us. We never get pictures of Jared and I so of course I jumped on it. I have watch in envy of all the beautiful photos my sister has taken and it was my turn!
Thank you Angel! YOU are the BEST!

The beautiful untouched park in the middle of a well not so pretty Baltimore was stunning. A perfect place to take pictures! I can not wait to see her clients photos from here!

As much as I could say about my amazing sister I'll let her work speak for herself. 

I hope you enjoyed them! 

For rates and to book your own photo shoot with her from sexy boudoir shoots, your childes first photos and everything in between she's all you need!

You will not be disappointed from the moment you meet her to when she wraps up your pretty little photos in a beautiful package you'll be more then happy

Angel Kidwell Photography
Just the best damn photographer on the East Coast ;)

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