Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Neon Shoes

 Want hot for Spring? NEON!!!! Heres a DIY project you can do in minutes to spruce up your old heels.

Grab any color shoe
Spray Paint ( Any color)
(For a better wear get a top coat too & a brighter color do a white base)
Packing Tape
Old Towel

Make sure your shoes is clean and dry first

Tape off where you want the color
If you're creative do designs
(Make sure lines are even and straight)

 Us a towel to keep spray from getting on the inside of your shoes or on the ground

You can also use a bag and tape for larger areas
You will need to do about 2-3 coats where you want the color.
If you want the color to really stay and pop
Spray 2 coats of white
Spray color 2-3 of what you want
Then spray top coat
Let dry

Enjoy :)

 Some ideas you can try out with your shoes ----------------->

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great containers for your eyeshadows

So remember the NYX Pearl Eyeshadow I just got and LOVED!!!??? The colors are amazing but the bottles not so much. After spilling the most beautiful shadows 3 times while trying to get them on my brush I decieded to head to the craft store. After asking a MILLION people and no one has "ever" seen these I found them after a hour in the bead department. These screw on containers came in a plexi glass box with 24 LARGE containers inside. It was $9.99 but I had a 50% off coupon. ------------>
This would be perfect if you wanted to mix your own eyeshadow colors or add glitter to spark up a old shadow!
 Speaking of glitter this is NYX Crystal Glitter & NYX Disco Glitter------->

Each NYX Pearl Shadow was only $1.99 and comes with triple the amount you would get with any other shadow, Yes that includes Sephora too! Jade Pearl shadow from NYX FILLES the jar where a brand name eyeshadow hardly fills half. Oh and thats a mix of 2 never used eye shadows in the blue! That made me prettyyyy sad seeing we really dont get alot for our money. In fact I think the more expensive the product the less we get
(Remember you can press these powders or repress shadows you crush to put in these containers)

NYX Pearl Shadow From Left to Right 
Jade, Crystal glitter over shadow, Disco glitter over shadow, penny, walnut, mocha, mink, white, nude
$1.99 at www.cherryculture.com
Top with flash bottom in natural light

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dyeing clothing

I've got alot of white shirts that just don't look good white or I've gotten stains on them from doing hair and it was either throw away a cool shirt or keep hoarding them. So FINNALLYYY I have decided to give new life to old shirts, one was even a dress I graduated high school in.

First thing I did was head to Micheals Craft Store with my App that has the coupons right on there. For a little over a $1 with the 40% coupon I got Fabric Dye.

When I got home I took a LARGE pot
Boiled a gallon of water on the stove
<---Put 4 tablespoons of salt in the water

Poured the Fabric dye in the pot ---->
Stirred dye in than put a shirt in. Stir for 15 mins than every once in a while for 45 mins. I kept the burner on low so it would stay warm. The warmer the water the deeper or brighter the color will be. Rinse with cool water till it runs clear. Let dry. Remember wash alone or like colors since the color could bleed onto other colors the first couple of times.

The package does 1 mens XL shirt but I used each package for at least 2 shirts.
You can also mix colors to have your own custom color. I bought black and teal. With the black I made one black shirt, one deep grey and a nice lighter grey. 
With the teal I did one bright teal dress and one mint green shirt. 

Next up- Giving new life to your favorite jeans! I've also ran into some store selling white jeans for $10. With a little dye you can have perfect spring pants for under $15 and great color blocking clothes! Hmmm mint green pants? Sexy blood red? Yup, I'm doing it.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVEEEE!!!!!! The teal. Its so bright and beautiful and the color left over of the mint green was perfect!
Come on spring. I'm ready for ya!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elf Essentail LipStick

I ordered Elf Essential Lipstick for the first time last week. For $1 I figured it was worth a try and it probably wouldn't work well. WAS I WRONG! With a little lip liner the lipstick didn't go anywhere for over 8 hours. I did drink and of course lots of talking and a little eating. Very little came off. It was a easily wiped off at the end of the day with a little water. There was no waxy build up and kept my lips moisturised without being shiny. If you are looking for an extreme shine putting a lip gloss over that will help. Although these are not matte lipsticks they are not overly glossy.
For the use of any lipstick using a lip liner before hand is best. My favorite liner is NYX which is only about $2-$3 depending on where you buy it. Elf lipstick in Posh------->

Elf Lipstick- Seductive  ----->
                     Elf Lipgloss ---->

Two beautiful colors they just didn't look great on myself. I did end of giving them to my mother who looked wonderful in the pinky color!

Wanna try the lipgloss for free?
After your order  put 3 email addresses in (real of fake, they will except it) and get the "free gift" which is usually the Lipgloss!

In my personal opinion I like using NYX and ELF better than MAC. For a while all I would use is MAC lipstick and it just would get all clumpy on me no matter what.  I'd put it on and it would "clump" up and after wearing it, it would clump more. This is a great alternative and for just a $1 why not try it yourself!? Again for the best wear I would get a lipliner with it. I have not tried ELFs lip liner yet but my favorite is NYX

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving life back to broken shadows

So if you are like me you have many half used or broken eye shadows and it drives you crazy. Not only does it take up space, its messy but I just can't throw it away. 
Easy solution- 
Crush up your eye shadow 
( if you crush fine enough you could even mix your own eye shadow colors) 
mix a FEW drops alcohol into the eyeshadow
pat into a old eyeshadow container
(I used a quarter wrapped in a paper towel to push flat the shadow) Wait to dry. The alcohol will evaporate completely and you will be left with a brand new shadow! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Whoa! What else are they going to make nail polish do? Paint your nails by itself?

Magnetic Nail Polish, thats like a built in design in your nail polish

Rite aid carries this for about $7 along with Sephora for about $17.
Starts off like this---->

 After you put
<---this on               it ends up like this^

   Neat huh?

Each polish comes with about 2 designs
From zig-zags, stars, strips...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifting magic

I think Im an addict. Yes, yes I do have a problem. I just can't STOP THRIFTING!!!! No, I'm no hoarder or extreme couponer but I just can't help the feeling I get when I search and search and find that perfect piece for nothing. I understand some think its gross. Buying someone left over things but where do you think Antique stores get their things? They go hunting!!! They hit the thrift stores, the flea markets, estate sales, garage sales! Thats where they found that amazing china closet for $20 and sell if for $500.
Now lets start off with the shoes. The following heels were found for $4-$7 DESIGNER names at Goodwill in Baltimore
                         $5             ------------------>
How cute are those neon pink shoes!? Great for color blocking and only $5. Then white heels where super cute too! Looked up the designer retailed around $50...goodwill $4 and they look like they were NEVER WORN!!!! Along with the red and pink there wasn't a scratch on them!
These black beauties had my heart going! Again without a scratch on them designers like Nine West and Bakers for $5-$6. Love these heels? Run to goodwill ;) I didn't buy any of them. All though it was hard to pass up of classic black pumps I just couldn't bare to make my heel collection hit the 70's....I really need to give up some. IT'S JUST SO HARD!!!!
Now on to the clothing
You can REALLY find some amazing pieces! You just have to try EVERYTHING on! You think it has a glimmer of hope, try it on and remember almost everything can be altered and for little money. Or you could do it yourself. For <-------example I found this t-shirt for $1. It was big and big shirts really aren't my thing BUT you can alter it in to an off the shoulder shirt or tank!
 Then this beauty down below fit like a glove...except on my waist. I have a tiny waist and it just didn't hit the way I wanted to there. So belt it!
The sleeves made it for me. I found it unique and it's sooo softttttt
Best place to find that blazer everyone's wearing? Thrift store! They usually have them for under $6 and are way better and more structured to hit your body right then the Forever 21 ones they are selling for $30+. They look great with jeans, t-shirt, or just a tank. Again they can always be altered. I lost count of how many times I've ripped out shoulder pads. Above is a perfect velvet blazer I bought for only $3! Classic Black blazer over there--->
Jacket below is one I altered. I really wanted a studded leather but for hundreds of dollars I wasn't totally ready to shell out the money. Leather Jacket $9 + $11 studs = one kick ass grungey punk jacket
This whole outfit was under $25.....yes even with the boots ---->
This bag ---> $2! Helloooo How could I pass this up? Yeah I know I like my purses like a suitcase. Perfect on the inside too! Not a mark

On to my FAVORITE find!!!!!!!!! This skirt is stunning! STUNNING! The color is so vibrant and the slit is just beautiful! The whole reason why I'm begging for spring to come.
Another favorite, this leather pencil skirt. ----> Love this? I found some kind of version of this in almost every thrift store

Prada at goodwill? Not sure if its real or not? Guessing they thought it was real since it was behind glass for $18 but to write it on the front tag? Come on. I'm not a label person but if this is your thing you could be in luck one day running into on of these --------> Another great thing to look for is furniture. I loved this table ----> I love the details in it. It would of totally been mine if the coffee table wasn't as large as it was. Color doesn't fit your decor? Paint it!! Paint can be pricey but in Baltimore you can get a gallon of paint any color for $5 at the loading dock or a HUGE bucket of it for $20. You can also get other great things there for your home if you are redoing it. 

My china closet I found thrifting for only $25! I'm in love with it. I love everything about it. Eventually I may, MAY paint it but for now I love the color.

Now remember to 
Don't get discourage 
 (it can get frustrating when you don't find something so start small. Look at shoes and purses and build yourself up to clothing.)
Things can be altered
Check for holes, stains, threading coming out
Be creative
(Some of the most unique, interesting outfits come from thrifting)
Check the sign up front. They have sales.
(for example- one place I went to had anything marked with a "y" 50% off or a green or red tag 50%. Thats where you can get the find for 50 cents or $1)

                              Not sure where Thrift shops are in your area?
^ put in your zip code and tons come up ^

Send me your pictures of your finds!!
Good luck
Happy Thrifting!