Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sharpie Eyebrows.

Making beautiful people
ugly since..well a long 
ASS time
See how it screwed Taylors face?
Marlene, Oh Marlene I understand it was the time but it wasn't pretty
this is not pretty and I would just like to clear this up my eyebrows are mine and  not drawn on
Photoshop was my best friend this morning

So I hear a lot of you have taken a razor to your beautiful brows? This truly makes me cry and scream
WHY would YOU EVER DO THIS!!! :(

Ok now you're stuck with no eyebrows and looking a little like an alien
This what NOT to do

They way to high thin eyebrow

 <----------------------The no eyebrow

 The way to low wierd eyebrow

 Ohhhhhhhhh the I'm always surprised

Don't lie you KNOW these are sexyyyyyyy
It's kinda like I'm always happy to see you or realllyyy angry.. I like you not knowing

Oh poor girl down below...Ive seen ONE to many with the eyebrows that dip down like the blondes.

 I would like to change "Mexicans" as EVERYONE! Please

Well there is many, many more but you guys get the point
 I will say the only time crazy eyebrows or no eyebrows should be done is in a photo shoot ------------------->
Look how it makes the photo! BUT I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! Let the make up artist do his or her make up magic to create no brows. Don't go shaving them off.

 So your stuck now.......I feel for you, I really do but you still have HOPE!

See how much better this looks and it give you an instant eye lift! ---->

Oh your not good at make up?
hmmmm lets see? I know!
This is fool proof!

fundamentals of eyebrows

Your brow should being around your tear duct

the arch point at your pupil

Then end of your brow at the end of your eye

You can take your brush or pencil the first time and make dots like this if you need too
Now that you know where your brows should be fill them in your natural brow with eyeshadow. Its more natural then a pencil.

Take a angled brush like this one and find a brown shadow (browns suit more people) or black (like what I use)

Oh no natural brows to work with or they are super thin?

Take these ------------->
They are only a $1 at
Eyes lips face
And come with a bunch of different shapes

Yeahhhhhh!!! You have eyebrows again! Now go out and show the world!


  1. Why do these women not have eyebrows in the first place? Was it a childhood accident, perhaps an accident at a nuclear reactor, or did they have to shave them off to get rid of the pubic lice? I've shaved my face a million times but I never said to myself, "oh shit! I'd look great with no eyebrows!" And who wakes up next to these people? I'd probably clench my sphincter if I woke up and saw an alien with no eyebrows.

  2. I forgot to say something about someone waking up with them. I've heard many stories where the man was freaked out because in the morning she had no eyebrows on and they didn't realize that would happen.
    Scares the shit out of you lol