Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will you, stand by me?

After then engagement of Jared and I, I knew I needed to get going with 2012 wedding date. With less than 10 months to go first step was choosing who will stand by my side as I commit to a life...sentence ;) with Jared. 
          Angel- Matron of Honor
Angel, you are the women I want to become. You are smart, talented, loving,  beautiful and just all around amazing. From mother, sister, friend, wife, you are my idol. You are such a strong women. I could pick no other person to stand by me.
Melinda- Bridesmaid 

Melinda I have never met a stronger girl than you. You are the apple of my eye. You have touched us all in so many ways. From the lessons we learn from you to your sweet smile and loving hugs. You my dear are one inspirational girl.
Tanya- Bridesmaid
Tanya, you have pushed me past my fear of allowing a girl to, while even get remotely close to me. You have been such an amazing friend to not only me but Jared. Jared loves you so much. To have a friend like you for 10+ years is an amazing gift. Your laughter lights up the room and your smile brightens our days. Tanya, you aren't  going anywhere girlfriend. Jared and I are keeping you around for a long time.

Now on to the super cool (sappy) way I asked them
*sorry if you had any spots on your card, I cried while doing them ;) *

What I started with ---->

What I ended with after super imposing our super PRETTY heads on the best movie cast ever. 
God, I love that movie.
Pixlr you my friend are my best friend hehehe 

On the back of each card before I mailed them was lyrics to 
Ben E. King -Stand By Me
After much anticipation of the arrival of the cards to some of the most amazing people I know they finally got it! This bad boy is just one of the amazing ways they all said yes! 

Now for your listening pleasure


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