Monday, October 31, 2011

Broken Doll

 So this year I have been sick all Halloween weekend so I didn't do anything big but I still wanted to dress up.
So what did I do?

Start off with putting foundation all over your face thats TWO shades lighter then your skin tone and white out your lips
 Then take WHITE PENCIL EYELINER and line your whole eye and all under your eye like this
<-------- Then go over with WHITE EYESHADOW so its more intense

Line with black
 eyeliner and add eyelashes with the liquid liner

 Fill in eyebrows
Smoke shades of purple and pink on crease
Add blush to apples of cheeks
Add freckles if you wish with eye pencil

Then add a strip of eye lashes on the line you made under your eye

Take two lash strips and place on one eye at your natural lash line
If you have more please add
You want your lashes to look VERY full

 Then with liquid liner make cracks all over your face

Set with black eye shadow to look more realistic

 Then take red or pink lip liner and line your lips like below.

Without lips -------------->

With lips --->

 You can either curl your hair
 Or leave it up in a loose bun

Wear LOTS of lace and ruffled socks to finish the look

I also added grey contacts to give a more haunting look other then my dark brown eyes

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