Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahhhhh the smell of new shoes.

Oh shoes. If you know me, you know my shoes.
Why my obsession? Shoes never disappoint. They always look good and unless you've gained 100lb or 9 months pregnant they always fit. I can run into a store and know the shoes will will make me happy. Finding pants or a bra? Not so much.

Recently my FAVORITE site to get shoes from is GoJane.

So check out my three most recent buys from there!

And remember look for discount codes online before you buy! I googled a gojane code and got 30% off my order!
That payed for shipping plus a little more

I stumbled upon GoJane a couple of months ago when I fell in love with Jeffery Campbell shoes but not the price tag.
At GoJane they had knock off Jeffery Campbells that were spot on. I've got to say they are my favorite pair of shoes I own and I've got A LOT of heels

Oh I will own all these babies

Link to Lace Up Leatherette Platform

 At 5 inches
these babies are perfect and SO comfortable! Trust me! I'm a hairstylist and sometimes I'll be on my feet in these for 8 hours straight (still feeling great)

 Link to Plum and Taupe Lace Up Booties

 4.5 inches suede lace up booties were my most recent buy
They just came in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to wear them today

I just fell in love with the Plum color. As much as I love Black, Plum seems to be my new color for fall.

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