Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Question- Have any good tips for teasing hair into a fro? I have a good friend in NC desperately trying to get it to poof out.

To get a true beautiful afro you need to have THICK kinky hair but you can still get the effect with a little work

You can do this two different ways
You can take your damp hair and wrap around a straw or bobby pins
After it as dried take them out and you will have tight curls and I mean TIGHT
To get the freezy fro look take ONE curl and place two fingers at the end of your hair push up toward scalp (repeat on every curl)
  <---this is may favorite (it teases and smooths hair)
Then take a teasing comb or any fine tooth comb you may have and start to tease your hair ( remember when teasing you do not need to tease fast. You can slowly push the hair down. If your hair doesn't tease well spray a little hairspray on the piece you are teasing before hand and then again after)

Take the smallest curling iron you have and curl your hair. Take smaller pieces then normal so you have more curls. 
Then tease and spray with hairspray
(when curling your hair pull your hair straight out and try to curl as close to your scalp as you can )

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