Sunday, September 25, 2011

Come on over to the......light side?

 How I spent my Friday Morning....

I get the most wonderful text from my very wonderful friend, Ashley, Thursday morning asking to go from one extreme to the other

Last time she got her hair done she wanted to be mainly black and with a big blonde chunk in the front------------------->
........this time blonde and light brown. I knew I had some work ahead of me in just 24 hours. 

Walking into the salon I send her straight back to the shampoo bowl. I knew I had to get this dark out as hard as it was going to be.
30 minutes later I was making some progress getting the black out
Soon I was on my way to blow drying her and then being able to start her coloring.

A full head of foils and a beautiful light golden brown later she was all cooked and ready to rinse out

What was left? 

REALLY blonde hair and golden blonde, neither did I want.
Two toners later one to cut the gold and another to make her into a natural blonde she was...BLONDE.
Ahhh only 4 hours later and a couple of processes my work was done......till next time ;)
Ashley say she likes to test my skills every time she comes in.
AND that she does

----------------Hehehe just walking out of the salon blonde and curled------------>

Hmm I wonder if blondes reallllyy do have more fun?

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