Sunday, September 25, 2011

Falling Flat?

Sarah said... 
What are your thoughts on Clip-in extensions for the big day? As you know, my hair is kind of thin and I would like some more fullness. 

Clip in extensions are fabulous!  When it matches your color and styled correctly it can give you just the look you're looking for.

But before you shell out the big bucks make sure your style for the big day really needs extensions.

With the right products and styling you may be able to add the volume you desire.

My new love
Rock your hair
Bombshell Volume Powder.
(The little bottle in the middle)

 All you do is sprinkle a little on dry hair at the scalp and massage in a little
Teasing can help you as well where ever you are lacking volume

All you need to do is

  1. Take section you want with more volume 
  2. Leave out a small section so you can lay over the teased part to make it look smooth
  3. Hold remaining amount and with a teasing comb brush down slowly 
  4. Spray with a little hairspray 
  5. Lay the non teased section over and style the rest of your hair however you want.

Final thoughts.

Try everything before you spend $100+ on flowing locks and try to commit to a hair style for your big day. I'd also wait till you got your hair piece, veil, flower, etc before trying out a bunch of hair styles.

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