Monday, September 26, 2011

Silver Lining

How to get this look ------------------------------->

<-----------------The Palette
 From Sephora

Engagement Ring 01 (eyeshadow)
(silver with silver glitter)
Iteam #1171883 L

02 Silver (glitter eyeliner)
Item # 1123926 
S & M (eyeshadow)
(bright metallic silver shimmer)
Item # 1105295
  1.  Take Ivory eyeshadow and use as your base from eyelid to brow
  2. Cover eyelid with S&M eyeshadow and smoke out a little over crease 
  3. Smudge a little under lower lashes in the outer corner
  4. Then go over lid with engagement ring
  5. take Silver eyeliner and line under bottom lashes
  6. Then follow with what you normally do with your eye liner 
From Target
NYC sky rise masacra in black
NYC liquid eyeliner
From ELF
Elf eyeshadow in  Ivory
Elf colorstick
Elf Blush in Fuchsia (has a little glitter)--------------------------------------->
Elf Pressed Powder
mirabella outshine lip gloss in ethereal


My new obsession. Curling wand!
I've seen that it was all the rage but I wasn't convinced on spending 100+ on one so I get on my favorite site and started looking at curling wand videos. Low and behold Remintons Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand reviews kept on popping up.
I then found one at Target for only $20 so I thought I'd give it a try. It it didn't work at least I'm only out $20....BUT I LOVE IT!
Ive been addicted to curling every clients hair. It's fast, easy, and gives the "beachy" natural curl everyone wants. 

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