Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't forget your lipstick

 Choosing the perfect RED lip

Ahhhhh the perfect red lip. 
Anyone can wear it all you need is a little confidence and the right shade

Choosing the right shade

Light Skin
Cool blue base reds
like Revival by Maybelline                      ------------------->

Dark Skin
A red with a touch of brown to highlight the warm hints of caramel in your skin
<------------------------like Crimson by Revlon

Medium Skin
Go for an orangey shade like
Hot Covergirl                        ----------->

 Ran out of lip lines or don't have the right shade? 

Keep lipstick from bleeding pat a little concealer around your lips

Other tips!
  • A thin layer of Chap Stick can help your lipstick to last longer
  • To keep lipstick off teeth, pucker your lips into an extreme O shape. Cover your finger with a tissue and pole it into your O shaped mouth and slowly twist it out of your mouth. This will help you eliminate any excess color inside your lips.  -----heheehe ---->
  • You should blot lips after applying lipstick, it will help set the color and remove excess of it. You can add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder and then apply color again.
  • A thin layer of clear lip-gloss over lipstick can help you turn up the shine of your lips.
  • You can turn down too much shine by holding a single tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it.
  • You can lessen the color of a dark or bright lipstick or lip pencil by applying an overcoat of lip-gloss.
  • To keep your lips going all the day, first pencil all over lips with a soft lip pencil then apply lipstick over it and blot.
  • To keep lipstick in place while dining keep lips off the utensils. Let your lower teeth and tongue to do the work.
  • To get that high voltage shine and color on your lips you can try a lip lacquer either over the lipstick or alone.
  • To have that evening special effects you can apply a sheer lip-gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color.
  • Use moisturizer throughout the day or at night.

My personal favorite shades

<--------------Black Cherry by Revlon

<--------Ruby Woo by MAC---------

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