Monday, February 13, 2012

Up-cycle, Reusing candles!

If your like me and LOVE candles you have a million and one of those bad boys hiding behind picture frames, and other objects just because you have so many half empty ones.  like this one ------>

Wellllll!!!! Wait no longer!!!!!! You can up-cycle your old candles to new ones...the right way.
(Ha funny story when I was about 12 I tried this..TOTALLY WRONG I heated it up, not sure how, poured it into a PLASTIC CONTAINER. 0.o THEN when it melted I freaked out and threw it into the sink.....needless to say it looked like shredded carrots was coming out of the pipes for weeks....Sorry Mom and Dad)
Anyways...older and wiser I try this again...(and without a drop on the counter!) 
To begin you will need
  • Empty jar ( or a candle that's in a almost empty jar) I used a salsa jar!
  • Wick ---> At Micheals for $2 for 9
  • pan
  • water
  • stove
  • sticks or knife
TO start
  1. Boil the water in a pan 
  2. Take half used candle and place into pot (turn to low)
  3. Wait for it to turn to liquid (it will take about 5 mins) Don't heat up to fast you don't want the glass to get hot
  4. Place wick in jar and hold wick up with sticks or knifes. * I started of with the sticks but it didnt hold it straight up sometimes so I put knifes in between them to hold it up better
  5. Pick up jar with the wax in it and pour it into the new jar.  (If done right you can pick the jar out of the pan with your hands)
  6. Wait for wax to harder ALL the way
  7. Repeat with another scent or color
  8. Wha la! You're done! Once all hard you have a beautiful new candle and about 75% less jars laying around! I got to throw out 10!

Have a bunch of candles that didn't come in a jar? Save one of the jars you melted the candle out of already and place it into the jar to melt it.

REMEMBER! After finishing do not, DO NOT put ANYTHING in the sink. Wait for it to cool and trash it. Make sure you DO EVERYTHING ON THE COUNTER! It will scrap off if you drip! Do NOT place in sink'll regret it later

Happy candle making!


  1. Okay I laughed all thru this! Yes that was a badddddddd day for sure! I wanted to hide! lol Thought you were banned from candles missy! HEY...was that Nana's candle !!!! lol

  2. Hey Michelle...
    Best candles I've found are by Makepeace Naturals. You can get them online or at craft shows. All natural Soy candles in canning jars AND... soy wax melts at lower temps so the film left in the jars washes out in the kitchen sink and will not harm the pipes in any way shape or form, so you get all those bonus jars for those great glowstick lanterns you showed us before!( or the fairies in a jar!) and no horrible memories left behind to haunt you! :)