Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Always wanted the celebrity styles hair but you don't have celeb hair? Don't worry you can fake it.... just like them! All those beautiful styles you see in magazines and on tv are fake. Yup, fake. 99% of celebs have fake hair. Those perfect "no hair is out of place updos" Yea a lot of those have fake hair in them and they also photoshop the little hairs out and cut...CUT the hairs out.

Anywayyyyysss... Today we are going to work on the BUN. Its everywhere and this how you can FAKE that THICK FULL BUN

If you have hair down to your booty you'll have no problem with creating this without all the tricks but if youre like me and dont have hair half way down your back this is what you do

 What you need
-Rubber Band
-bobby pins
-bandanna (get color as close to your hair color as you can)

(The pictures shown in this blog was used without hairspray or brush, sorry I to lazy to find those two things 0.o) Oh oh and sorry for the crazy faces, my phone was on a picture timer and I was trying to fit it all into 5 frames in 10 sec each


1-Pull your hair in a ponytail                 ------>
2- fold bandanna into a 2 inch band, tie ends, wrap twice ( you want it to be loose) --->

3- Put the looped bandanna around your pony tail. Remember you want this LOOSE
<-----------like this

4- Fold over hair and pin over bandanna

You'll then have a full round bun

So this honestly took about 2 minutes
and a perfected bun 
maybe 4 minutes with a brush ;)
Now pretty ladies switch those messy buns with this chic thick bun.

Dressing it up -              Oh heyyyy that me today   Feb 8 ---->
<-------Dressing it down and this was yesterday! Feb 7


  1. Tried it tonight and it turned out so cute!!! Thanks for the tip!