Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm crafty, but not that crafty.

I ran across this heart warming story of a blushing bride proud to show her love for her fiance' and her county and just had to share.
I know I've been gone forever and a day and I thought this would  be a good story to come back to blogging too.
Meet Mr. & Mrs. Ferrie <3
A nurse from World War 2
and her loving AirMan
 Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn feast your eyes on this pretty little thing.

 Rosemary made her wedding gown from the parachute her fiance' used to jump out of B-24 Bomber during the war........Ahhhh my heart melts. 

What a beautiful bride <3
If I came across that beauty I think I would cry

Hmmmmmm Jared can I have one of your old paint suits? hahahhaha

I really wish I could of met this women or other women who did this. I find this extremely romantic, patriotic, and! I really love reusing things too!

Now....How can we get these type of women back?
Girls, your dress doesn't have to cost a arm and a leg. Make something that means something to you. 

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