Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tokyo milk

For Christmas my client gave me a beautiful bag of new beauty product that Ive never heard of before. You can imagine my excitement when I opened up these beauties. Skull, glitter, yummy smelling EVERYTHING! What girl wouldn't want that!?

Tokyo Milk <---Check out the site

So here's a break down of the goodies -

Dead Sexy No.6 candle- $12.00
Honey & the moon No.10 -$12.00
Dead Sexy No.6  Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion-$18.00
Eiffel Tower No.15 Bubble bath (can double as body wash) -$22.00
Sweet cream lip balm- $10.00
Sencha Bleu Parfum solide -$18.00

One of my favorite is this little baby 
Sweet cream Lip balm is like putting cake on your lips in the form of creamy butter..............Oh its heaven
Each product is beautifully package in stunning boxes decorated in vintage and glitter
<----- I really wish the glittery boxes showed up in the picture.
From the product to the packages every penny is well worth it. The Lotion is to die for. The candles are probably my favorite candles I have EVER lite up (and I have ALOT of candles). The bubble bath is so fresh and clean....oh the lip, the lip balm is SILK and the perfume is AMAZING!!! I didn't know how I would feel about solid perfume but it is the BEST. You put it on your ear, wrist, chest, etc and it keeps on smelling all day.  Perfume also comes with little glittery books like perfume swatches. So you can smell all the different ones if you are buying online.

Tokyo Milk- I love thee.

Not sure if you want to buy this product online yet? My WONDERFUL fiance' found it in one of our favorite antique store in our town. So if you're free one weekend come on down to Ellicott City to Vintage Bliss. It's right on Main Street on the right hand side in a painted in a beautiful vintage blue. They carry 99.9% of all the products so you will be able to smell and try every one

WindowVintage Bliss          <----Heres the link to the store
So stop on by to Tokyo Milk or Vintage Bliss to try out these amazing products

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