Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Run, don't walk!

Run! Don't walk to the nearest drug store! 

I have never......never done any facial things on my face and it shows. So what better time to start really, REALLY taking care of yourself? Right before one of the biggest day of your life...your wedding day!!
A new product came out and its been all over the net. FREEMEN PEEL OFF MASK!!!! I have been itching to get my hands on it so a late night trip to the store after my girlfriend left last night was in order!
So running to Walmart (where they said they had it) mine only had the trial packets and that just wasnt going to cut it for me BUT when going there they had $1 off coupons. Wooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!
Next stop CVS. Being more then happy finding a stocked up shelf of Freemen products.....I cleared them out. Walmart said they were $8 and so did the Freeman website. CVS regular price, $3.99 and with the coupon $2.99!
I was so excited it was hard not to start putting it on in the car! 

First up- Detoxifying Clay Mask
The smell was amazing (I'm a fruity kinda girl)
Wash your face
Put on clay mask
Let sit till dry
Wash off with warm water
Ohhhhh my taking this off I noticed a BIG difference already in my skin
It was hydrated, less red, pores were smaller and I just felt refreshed
Clay Mask with Avocado and Oatmeal was also applied the same way, felt the same way afterwards, and did the same thing.
If I had to choose in only buying one of the Clay Mask I would get the Detoxifying Clay Mask.
hehhehehe ^

Now! My favorite one!!!! The reason why I was dying to buy Freemen products!!!
Cucumber Peel Off Mask!!! AhhhhhHH!!!!!!!!!
I love this! 
My skin was smooth, less red, smaller pores, and I just felt like all my dead skin and dirt was completely off my face. Afterwards I felt like I could go out without face make up.

Start with a clean face
Let dry (about 5-10 minutes)
Start peelinngg!!!
Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh! <---See my excitement? I was so freakin' happy. My skin was glowing!!!

With mask on your face is shiny and looks like plastic

This stuff felt amazing! I even got my Fiance' to try it! On him I put it just on his nose and half his forehead. After taking it off him, his skin was amazing! It was brighter, it was amazing. It just took all the dead nasty skin right off! The peel off mask is comparable to the Biore' strips.
If you do buy more then one Freemen product and want to use it as a system I would use the Peel off Mask first then the Clay Mask.
After the Peel Off Mask your face is refreshed but getting all the mask off can be kind of hard so washing it with the Clay Mask afterwards works better. 

Now Run, Run to your nearest drug store and find Freemen clay mask and Peel off mask!

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