Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like cotton candy but dont want your hair to feel like it?

From bleaching my hair when it is wet it feels soggy. What is the best product to use. Also I have black hair naturally. What's the best way to get my hair blonde.

Not loving the way your hair feels?
Sadly nothing truly can make your hair feel like spun silk naturally anymore if it's already headed down a the rocky road of soggy hair.
What we can do is help you from stopping your hair from breaking anymore.

My go to product Redkens Extreme Cat treatment.
It's a protein treatment without giving you to much protein which will make your hair hard.

To use as a treatment
Spray it on your hair and let set for 5 mins
Then repeat 2 more times

Don't have time for that spray it on? After you shampoo and let sit while you shower etc.
Then condition.

Doing at home color? (A BIG no no but I know I can't stop everyone)
Spray this on your hair before coloring it!

Another treatment I love is It's a 10 Leave in treatment ---------------------------------->
After using both products every time you wash you will notice a big difference in a couple of weeks along with trims every 8 weeks

On at home coloring again I do not recommend it but the only way you can get dark hair blonde is with bleach not color. Box color will only turn it orange  and wont lift your previous color you have put on.
Once it looks like it has lifted to the level you want rinse even if it's not at the right tone. You then will use a toner to cancel out tones you don't want such a gold.

Professionally I would use different levels of developer through your hair just because we don't want to lift your natural hair up to much which can cause more damage. Then using a toner at the end to cancel out more golden tones in your hair.

Once your hair is blonde us "purple shampoo" on your hair once a week.
<---------------Like this one
It will help you keep your hair from turning brassy.
(Warning- Using it to much can turn your blonde hair violet or worse

...silver)---------------------------> Like this one

The same can happen with toners with violet in them

Another reason why a professional should always do color changes 

If you're successful with your color change when you go to do a retouch only touch your regrowth thats coming in. If you over lap with the bleach you can risk breakage.

Safer way to go blonde- Highlights

Just remember blondes don't become blondes over night, at least pretty colored ones!

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