Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crunched time

Do you have any make-up tips for a busy mom of 2? I used to do my make-up and hair all the time. I would love quick ideas, so I still feel pretty when I leave the house. Thanks so much!

Times nonexistent when children are born but in less then 3 minutes you can have a put together face.

Add some color to your cheeks
 and lips with a little mascara to your eyes to make them pop. These three things will goes a long way with no time.

These products can be found at


 <-------Mascara       Lip gloss------------>

Treat yourself! These products are so cheap you can go crazy! They always have deals too for free shipping and when you spend $25-$30 you can get a free years worth of magazines from cosmo, vogue etc.

Surprisingly their products stay extremely well & their  Coverstick----> covers blemishes and then set with pressed powder it stays all day. Another favorite is their Studio line of brushes! I love them just as much as my $30 Sephora brushes.

 You can also get a  
<------cream blush and use it on your lips, cheeks and eyes to add a dewy glow to your face


   Fast Hair Tip
<----loosely braid your hair the night before. Remove braids or braid in the morning and get this ------->
Fast and easy and it looks like you spent all morning curling your hair. You can also braid the front of your hair if you have a extra second and secure it with a bobby pin.

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  1. This was EXTREMELY helpfulm Thank you so much!