Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First question! Stopping shine

I need recommendations for makeup that will photo well.
I often end up shiny after a few hours.
Please keep in mind that I am not very creative when it comes to doing my make up so I don't know how to use liquid eyeliner or do any cool effects with my eyeshadow

 Stop the shine!
It's all in the prep work:
If shine is a problem you’re going to need a primer or mattifier underneath your makeup.

Make Up For Ever is a oil free primer for your foundation

Make Up For Ever absorbs your extra oils while keeping your make up intact. You can find this at www.sephora.com. It's a little pricey but if you go to Sephora you can ask for a sample to see if it works with your skin.

You can also help with oily skin by using blotting papers, also found at www.sephora.com and other stores.

Just remember the more make up you pile on the less your skin can breathe and keep you're fingers off your face!


Wedding Ready
Need photo shoot make up but have a hard time doing make up? EYELASHES!!! They are a girls BEST FRIEND. It adds just enough glamor without having to worry about your eyeshadow creasing during the event.
The key of eyelashes is to let the glue get tacky before you try to put it on so blow on it for about 10 seconds. You can also put some mascara on your real eyelashes before hand. If you choose to wear eyeshadow choose a nude color for all over your eyelid and use a white shadow to highlight under your brow.

Filling in your eyebrows with a eyeshadow that is close to your eyebrow color makes a big difference in the end as well. It can give you an insist face lift. Any angle brush can help you apply eyeshadow to your brows

<-----Before filling in brow


Another must have is blush
My current favorite
And it's only $3

For a easy natural but photo ready make up use
*Eyeshadow close to your skin color with a white shadow as highlighter
*Lip gloss

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