Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make up and where to get it! :) You don't need to spend thousands for some fun make up!

I've been getting some questions about what make up line I use so here it is!! :)

My big make up palette is from Amazon and is the "FASH 120 COLOR PALETTE" you can usually find it around $15 to $20 and it last a long time.

and while I was trying to find a link to show all you guys I found this v.......... I love it!

I also LOVE "ELF"
Dont let the cheap price of the make up fool you! The palettes and brushes are great! I wouldn't buy any liquid eye liner or mascaras because I've found they are usually dried out. I get my eye lashes from there when I wear them because they are only $1 ( you'll need to buy your own glue), blush, powder, eye shadows, and I LOVE there nail polishes...when they are in stock! I love there brushes too! We all know its hard to spend $30 plus on a brush but there studio line of brushes are great

With Elf I usually try to stick to anything that isn't liquid but the stick concealer and things like that are fine
If your a little scared to try it out you can always go up to Target (the one I know that carrys alot of it is the one in Ellicott City) They sell the brushes and a good bit of the make up to get you started. Some Targets say they sell it but they really dont believe me I've traveled to them all and have only found it at this one.

4390 Montgomery Rd, Ellicott City

This was fun! Hoped it helped and send me questions!

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  1. I will post your first question! I am in a wedding in a few weeks and I need recommendations for makeup that will photo well. I usually wear Bare Minerals but I don't know if it will provide enough coverage and I often end up shiny after a few hours. What would you recommend for makeup that will last and photo well. Please keep in mind that I am not very creative when it comes to doing my make up so I don't know how to use liquid eyeliner or do any cool effects with my eyeshadow! Lol.