Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You're my brown eyed girl


Ok, so Ive been trying to think of new ways to play up my eyeshadow without going extremely dramatic or insanely colorful. I usually stick with neutral shimmery colors, maybe a slightly darker crease/corner. Color wise, I only tend to see purple toned shadows associated with brown eyes, have tried them, and I'm not a huge fan. I feel like I have NO options yet Im tired of my usual make up routine! Help..? :)

You're right purple toned shadows are best for brown eyes but maybe not best for you...
Ideally deep shades of
Brown (nutmeg)
shades of purple (violet, Plum)

(I like deep greens, pinks, & silvers. Metallics also help brown eyes stand  out) --------->

Are best for brown eyes. Using 2 to 3 tones of eyeshadow will make your  brown eyes not so                                                                      boring.

Shades lighter than your eyes give your eyes natural look while darker shades will bring your eyes dramatic look. But the best way to find your best look is to experiment

Neutral colors for brown eyes
If you want to achieve natural look for brown eyes, you can try eyeshadows in neutral colors such as browns, taupes, peaches, etc. When selecting eyeliner, you can go with dark browns for a natural look and black for a more intense look.
If color scares you and you feel like Mimi -----eek-->
when  you put colors on your eyes try doing little touches of color like greens, golds, etc you want to try with an angled brush in the outer corners of your eyes on the top and bottom then blending so its not a harsh line

<----1. Apply light tones eyeshadow from lash to brow. Use neutral or white eyeshadow.

2. Apply medium-toned eyeshadow in the crease and blend up to the brow bone.-->

3. Apply dark eyeshadow of the same color on outer corner of the eyelid. ----->

4. To brighten your eyes, you could apply a bit of shimmery shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and right under brow as a highlighter. --->

5. Line upper lids and optionally lower.

6. Apply mascara on upper lashes with emphasis on outer corners.

 <----Deep browns and pearl white

 Deep forest green ------>

Highlight the corners of your  eyes with white shadow or creme shadow to make them pop with ANY color. Highlight under your brow as well for an instant lift.

 Gutsy Pink-------------------->

 Natural nude color shadow with a tan crease color and a pearl shadow as a highlighter ------------------------------>

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