Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Dress-Up Disasters To Avoid

Holiday dress up disaster and how to avoid them-

holiday faux pas
Open Toed Shoes And Sheer Stockings —Not cute. It reminds me of grandma toes

If your going to wear stocking with your shoes go for ones that aren't sheer like these

Thats a lot better----->

holiday faux pas
BUT whats EVEN BETTER are these cute holiday shoes!
I feel like gem toned and velvet scream holiday parties plus they will keep your feet warm!

holiday hair faux pas2
Pageant Hair

If your hairdo looks like this it probably shouldn't, well ever .

Theres so many pretty things going on with your outfit try keeping your hair simple

like this---->

holiday faux pas
Lets not  show the whole party your personal holiday ornaments.

Try something like this below 

Sexy but still covered up
holiday faux pas
4 Disco Ballin' It

It's easy to overdo the glitter during the holidays.

So keep it simple and the sequins small

<-- big like this does truly look like a disco ball

You could also play it safe with just a sparkly clutch
Pinned Image 
holiday faux pas 

Stuffed Turkey
— There's nothing more annoying than a dress that won't let you move around comfortably or EAT. Don't skip out of the pie because of your dress. Instead find a dress that'll let you move freely

The Perfect Holiday Dress

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  1. the light blue/green shoes at the top are super cute =)
    i love reading your blog btw