Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy EARLY Birthday toooo meeeeeeeeee

 Last week I received a gift card from  
for my birthday along with other sites I've signed up for. 
So far I have only redeemed these two and boy they were good ones :)

 Now to get to the good stuff! What I got!

From victoria secret: I got a gift card for anything I wanted! Being a Angel Member REALLY pays off! You really save a ton!
Going in I knew what I was going to buy, Love Spell. It takes me back to wonderful memories every time it's in the air. My best friend, Cindy Storms, was never without her Love Spell since the day I met her. Whenever I need her I spray a little in the air and it feels like we're together again.

Sephora had my free gift behind the counter. I was so excited to get my little black and white stripped bag! Inside I got Birthday Cake Bath gel and bubble bath (geezzeee how did you know Birthday Cake smell was my favorite!?)
Then with points that I kept on racking up I got Laura Mercier Primer and my very first Kat Von D lipstick in Homegirl.

 Seee, Seeee!!!! ^ I couldn't wait to put it on! I just love deep dark purpley reds.

So Thank you

You guys rock!

Laura Mercier

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