Tuesday, October 4, 2011

joo know what I sayin' gurfrend?? Lip liner and how it went allll wrong

Ahhhh! The dreaded lip liner 

Not even in the 90's did this look good. 
No matter how beautiful you may be this just doesn't look pretty and no one can pull it off.

 NEWS FLASH- We all know where your lips are and outlining them in browns or black is not pretty.
Many times the person behind the "lips" are just as loud and obnoxious as the lips itself. No need to accentuate your already unpleasing personality

What did you?
You don't like my pretty pout!?

Or this

 Ok, ok you say you're not running the street of L.A in the biggest Spanish gang...so why are you doing your lips like that?
I love their style I really do ...There's nothing more that I love on the weekend then my dickies, beater, and bandana                ---------->

it's just their Lips and eyebrow (which is a whole nother blog) that need to  be whipped off and started over again ....
Hand in Hand- I've noticed where ever you may come from, whatever your race, back ground, etc. the drawn on brows and lips go hand in hand in many cases.

So WHY would someone ever do this?!?
 There is one BIG reason why this is done. Many feel like their lips are small and lost....the best way to draw attention to something you want bigger? Draw a big dark line around it? NO

 Yes you did what you wanted. They look bigger, people are noticing your lips, whatever but it's not for a good reason.

Lets go back to make up 101-
 Lip liner is intended for filling in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lip to give you a smoother shape
It also used to prevent your lipstick from bleeding into your lip lines around your face
Gives a base to your lipstick and make it last longer

Lip liner is not intended to be used WITHOUT lipstick or used with shades way lighter then your lip liner

Better way of doing it-

 You say you want fuller lips or dramatic
This is how you do it...

  • Take your lip pencil and line your lips filling in the outer part of your lips
  • First layer of lipstick your lighter shade (stick to a shade or two lighter)
  • Layer with your dark shade of lipstick( shade to two lighter) 
  • Go back and where you make the "O" dab on your light shade of lipstick
Then you'll get pretty lips like these --------------->
If you don't like one shade lips

All tho this is from past Halloweens and done in black and deep red this is the effect that will come across

With your favorite shades you can do this!
Can you imagine wine colored lipstick and blackberry?
Deep shades of plum?
Or the perfect pin up shade of red with just the slightest lighter color in the middle?
Or pretty in pink with a beautiful light pink in the center?

Adds a little drama to your lips right? Makes them look a little fuller right?  A little sexier? I think so!

Closing notes-

Don't leave the lip pencil at home!
You need it with your lipstick just pick up the right shade!
Stick to the same color as your lipstick. Remember you need it to stop bleeding
make your lips even
not outline it like your connecting the dots.

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