Monday, October 17, 2011

It's so hard for me to focus putting myself together in the..squirrel!

What are some quick and easy hairstyles and makeup ideas for people like me who have like ADD and get too bored or frustrated after like 20 minutes on

I get it, your fingers aren't doing the image you have in your head. It can be frustrating and time consuming especially when you don't have anything in mind to begin with...

Here are a couple hair styles that you probably already do just need a little tweaking to turn them chic instead of well, a hot mess -------->

Good for almost any length and thickness is the

My personal favorite. It can be dressed up or dressed down and always chic.The messier the better with this one. You can do it weither your hair is straight or curly.
Start off with LOW pony tail or a low bun
Take the hanging pieces and pin them up. 
Don't be perfect.
All pieces or ends are not to be pinned. This will give the sexy messy look.
The Bun.
You can make it as messy like this------>
more structured like this

I like doing it in the middle of them both like this 
You can do a part like I have or have it slicked back with pieces hanging around your face.

Low ponytail
 The low pony can be done
with a part
no part
a little this ----->
not this

And please, please don't set it right on top of your head. 
That's too....1999/2000

                               Half up and half down
You can either pull just the sides up and pin in the back 
pull it up like this
Just remember
Please use bobby pins and not one of these 
to secure your hair up

Changing up the sides

Twist the sides of your hair
Or braid the side

Don't worry if you can't french braid it looks just as pretty with a regular braid then tucking the end of the braid under your hair

Accessories are a girls best friend. 
 Flowers- if you don't see them in stores that you like you can go to Michael's craft store or Hobby Lobby and make your own

All you need to do is cut the stem leaving 4 inches (may very) at the end and pin in place.
                                   <--------------Head bands

Or my favorite this season hats!

<------One of my favorites
Which I got at Target

They have so many styles in the store and are under $15

Make up

 Change up your eyeshadow color.
Find out what eyeshadow smoke pattern looks best on you and then change around the colors.
For my shape the best for me is doing a white or nude base then taking another color or multi colors on the outer corner of my eyes and smoking into the creases like this

If you're lucky you can get away with doing multi colors on your lid
Where the base isn't a natural color.
Unfortunately it looks awesome when I personally have it on my eyes but as a whole doesn't look so good on me

 Eyes take you took long?
 Play with your lips and throw some mascara on
You'll look polished and ready to go out with little effort.


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