Monday, February 27, 2012

Dyeing clothing

I've got alot of white shirts that just don't look good white or I've gotten stains on them from doing hair and it was either throw away a cool shirt or keep hoarding them. So FINNALLYYY I have decided to give new life to old shirts, one was even a dress I graduated high school in.

First thing I did was head to Micheals Craft Store with my App that has the coupons right on there. For a little over a $1 with the 40% coupon I got Fabric Dye.

When I got home I took a LARGE pot
Boiled a gallon of water on the stove
<---Put 4 tablespoons of salt in the water

Poured the Fabric dye in the pot ---->
Stirred dye in than put a shirt in. Stir for 15 mins than every once in a while for 45 mins. I kept the burner on low so it would stay warm. The warmer the water the deeper or brighter the color will be. Rinse with cool water till it runs clear. Let dry. Remember wash alone or like colors since the color could bleed onto other colors the first couple of times.

The package does 1 mens XL shirt but I used each package for at least 2 shirts.
You can also mix colors to have your own custom color. I bought black and teal. With the black I made one black shirt, one deep grey and a nice lighter grey. 
With the teal I did one bright teal dress and one mint green shirt. 

Next up- Giving new life to your favorite jeans! I've also ran into some store selling white jeans for $10. With a little dye you can have perfect spring pants for under $15 and great color blocking clothes! Hmmm mint green pants? Sexy blood red? Yup, I'm doing it.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVEEEE!!!!!! The teal. Its so bright and beautiful and the color left over of the mint green was perfect!
Come on spring. I'm ready for ya!

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