Sunday, November 13, 2011

A perfect kind of love

On a chilly fall night on the 29th of October Tabitha married her sweet heart, Tim Coursey.

I've have the pleasure of working with Tabby at the salon and was in utter shock when she asked me to do her wedding hair.

My face said it all
(it went something like this) ---->

I work with many amazing stylist

Seeeeeeeeeeee all my beautiful stylist I work with :)

So naturally I was in disbelief that I was asked to do the hair for her dream wedding but most of all I was honored.

The months flew by and soon it was Tabby & Tims wedding day and it was time to knock out some hair!

                         Before                                                              After
(See guys you don't need long hair for your wedding to have something beautiful


After --------------->

Her Hair jewels were from Michaels Craft Store in the jewelry pendent area!

How creative and PERFECT!



The happy couple!

 Tabby & Tim I wish you both the best 
You two are truly perfect for each other

P.s. Shout out to Tabby for my awesome Halloween basket!

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