Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paint by number-Purple Passion

The Look
Purple Passion

The Guide 
(this can be done with any color family)
Start off with a base
(4 )is your base do a nude, cream, or white color based on the look you are trying to get (Put all over your lid to brow)
(1 )Take your darkest color at the outer corner of your eye, blend up to crease. 
(2) Take next color a lighter color then 1 ( but not too light) over lap just a little over 1 and blend out to your pupil 
(3)Take a lightest color with just a little of the color left and over lap over 2 just a little again and blend to just a little before the corner of your eye
Leave corner of your eye white & under brow bone white as highlights
Go back with your color number "2" and blend from 1- 3 at crease

Finish with eyeliner if you would like and ALWAYS mascara

Get this ^ 120 eyeshadow palette

The finished look :)

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