Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 2011 Fall Fashion Trend

mustard hues
Mustard hues clothing

Ohhhhhhhh I love this color but can be pretty hard to wear

Hmmmmmm I wonder if they got this fall trend from ----->

Mustard yellow fall 2011 color

An easier way to wear this?
A pretty bag or cute shoes. 
Like these----------->
polka dotsYou can find these at H&M
Polka DDottttss :) Soooo cute and soooo Vintage
Forever 21 - Polka Dot...
Right now I'm  finding this EVERYWHERE! From shoes to shirts
Above is a adorable forever 21dress
peplum coats


Pretty hard to wear unless you find a piece where its not so...puffy. Like the pretty ones below

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